Will Ramiz Raja Continue as PCB Chairman or Not ?

Will Ramiz Raja Continue as PCB Chairman or Not ?

Hours after the fall of Imran Khan as Prime Minister of Pakistan, the question in every Pakistan Cricket Fan’s mind is regarding the new PCB chairman. Imran Khan was the one who brought Ramiz Hasan Raja in power. As the Prime Minister of Pakistan is the Patron in-chief of the Pakistan Cricket Board, the new Chairman is always selected on his recommendation. However after the fall of Imran Khan’s government through a no-confidence motion, it is highly likely that Ramiz will also quit now.

As per a leading sports website of the country, it is learnt that Ramiz Raja has made up his mind to resign from the post of Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board. The website claimed that Ramiz has discussed this with some of his close friends and the decision will likely be announced by Ramiz after the quarterly meeting of ICC in Dubai.

Ramiz was the 4th ex cricketer ever in Pakistan history to become the Chairman of PCB. He is the 36th Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board currently. He replace Ehsan Mani to come in power. Ramiz Raja was selected in September 2021 as the Chairman PCB for a three-year term, however his term is likely to be over ever before one year.

The likely name as per Rumors is of Najam Sethi to be the new Chairman of PCB. As soon as new Prime Minister of Pakistan is elected on Monday, 11th April 2022, the process might begin. Shehbaz Sharif is most likely to be the new Prime Minister and since Najam Sethi has good ties with Shehbaz Sharif and family, it is likely that the former PCB Chairman will return again.

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