Take a look at the wealthiest captains in the cricketing world – Virat Kohli and Babar Azam not on top

Since the introduction of the T20 format, cricket has grown massively. With new countries like America, China, and Japan getting involved more and more, the income of money getting increased is inevitable.

Cricket is most famous in South Asia, where countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are ruling the world in terms of fan following.


Money is now a big part of cricket as the T20 format’s sole major reason was more viewers resulting in more money. Cricketing boards all around the world have started their own leagues allowing players from the whole world to come and play in their league.

Captains, as expected receive more money than other players when it comes to central contracts. Here is the list of the most wealthiest captains in the cricketing world:
All the money mentioned is not accurate, ups and downs are likely and this only includes money that they get from their central contract

#10- Babar Azam- Pakistan

All 3 format captain of Pakistan Babar Azam is one of the most least paid captains in the world. Judging by his performance, fan following, fame, and credibility in the cricketing world, you would’ve surely thought he would be in the top 3, but this is not the case as PCB are unfortunately not the richest board around and can only afford to pay 89,470 US dollars per year.

#9- Kraigg Brathwaite- West Indies

West Indies’ red ball captain Kraigg Brathwaite receives a whopping 192k US dollars for his captaincy and service to the international team.

wealthiest captains in the cricketing world
wealthiest captains in the cricketing world

#8- Kieron Pollard- West Indies


Another Windies international makes their way as the energetic Kieron Pollard receives a grand total of 238k US dollars.

#7-Eoin Morgan- England

England’s red-ball captain Eoin Morgan barely takes the 7th spot as he earns a bit more than Pollard i.e. 240k US dollars.

#6-Kane Williamson- New Zealand

Kiwi’s captain takes this spot with his earning a bit over 245k US dollars.

wealthiest captains in the cricketing world
Morgan vs Williamson

#5-Temba Bavuma- South Africa

Red-ball captain Bavuma earns with a big jump on the table a ‘mighty’ 345k US dollars.

#4-Dean Elgar-South Africa

Entrusted with the test team of South Africa, Dean Elgar makes 445k US dollars and makes a very luxurious living out of it.

#3-Tim Paine and Aaron Finch- Australia

Captains of the Kangaroos, Paine, and Finch make about 670k US dollars.

wealthiest captains in the cricketing world
Tim Paine and Aaron Finch

#2-Virat Kohli- India

Cricket’s most valuable asset, India’s captain Virat Kohli was expected by many to be the highest earner by a mile but it looks like he gets the number 2 spot with his central contract earning estimated to be 960k US dollars.

wealthiest captains in the cricketing world
King of the world

#1-Joe Root- England

Surpassing everyone on the list by a mile, Joe root is the first captain on the list to earn 1.2 million US dollars. He may not be the richest captain when counting the revenues and sponsors, but he is surely provided with great affection by the ECB.

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