Virat Kohli to be arrested, petition filed in Madras High Court

Indian captain Virat Kohli and actress Tamanna Bhatia’s use of online gambling application is spoiling the new generation: Text of the petition.

Virat Kohli to be Arrested

Virat kohli to be arrested
virat kohli to be arrested

Madras: A petition has been filed in the Madras High Court seeking the arrest of Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli and actress Tamana on charges of gambling, which will be heard on August 4. According to details, a Chennai-based advocate in his petition has called for a ban on online gambling applications, saying that it is because of them that the new generation is getting addicted to gambling.

The publicity of the use of these applications by celebrities like Virat Kohli and Tamana is making it even more appealing and if they do so, both of them should be arrested and sent to jail. The petition will be heard on August 4. It is to be noted that 31-year-old Virat Kohli has proved his mettle due to his excellent performance who has scored 7240 runs in 86 Test matches, 11867 runs in 248 ODIs and 2794 runs in 82 T20 matches.

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