Tensions rising as Shoaib Malik, Wahab Riaz, and Junaid Khan speaks against Misbah’s and PCB’s liking disliking trend

Since the appointment of Misbah-ul-Haq as the head coach of Pakistan has taken place, players have come out to raise their voice against a very serious matter.

Players such as Shoaib Malik, Mohammad Amir, and Junaid Khan are just some of the examples who openly expressed that the current management does take likings dislikings into consideration.

Mohammad Amir

Last year Pakistan’s main fast bowler, Mohammad Amir shockingly took retirement from the national team and said that he was being mentally tortured by the management and that he cannot play while this management is around.


Junaid Khan’s allegations

Tensions rising against PCB's liking disliking trend
Junaid Khan explodes as he shares his struggles

Recently another fast bowler accused the system of their liking disliking problem. Junaid Khan last played in 2019, was also the second-highest wicket-taker for Pakistan in the Champions Trophy. He told the press that I have been constantly ignored despite my good performances and that the only reason he was dropped in the first place was when he asked for a rest which booked him a place in the team management’s ‘bad list’.

He went on to say that there is one more reason why he is being ignored and that is his belonging from a smaller city. He added that no media person belonging to his city who can put pressure on the board is the reason he’s still out of the picture. He gave evidence of his accusation by pointing out the sudden drop of Yasir Shah from the squad, he said that 2 bad matches were why Yasir was dropped and all his past achievements were ignored and not taken into regard.

Shoaib Malik and his reason

Tensions rising against PCB's liking disliking trend
Shoaib Malik’s honest opinion regarding this matter

Pakistan’s longest-serving T20 player Shoaib Malik also had a say in this matter when on multiple occasions he expressed that the trend of liking disliking does take place. He said that players like Amir, Wahab, and Imad are needed in the team to stabilize the situation. He included himself by saying that he is available and is ready to play whenever called.

Malik supported his liking disliking claim by saying that Misbah was not as nearly ready for a coaching role let alone coaching and chief selector and to give him both roles is a perfect example.

Tensions rising against PCB's liking disliking trend
Wahab Riaz presents a solution of his own

Wahab Riaz and his solutions

Experienced pacer and Zalmi Captain Wahab Riaz said that the only thing team Pakistan are missing is experience and that Amir and himself should be taken into consideration to fulfill this role. he said that he has been performing well but since his retirement from test matches, has he been dropped.

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