ICC released Teams of the decade for ICC Awards and Pakistanis are disgusted

International Cricket Council – ICC released the teams for the ICC awards of the decade on Sunday 27th of December, 2020 and there is no Pakistani cricketer in the 11 players team in any format.

ICC has released teams of the decade, male and female cricket for Test, ODI and T20I format which is now being said to be IPL awards or Indian cricket awards since the players who are selected are part of Indian Premier League. Moreover, there is not a single player from Pakistan in any format, neither from male nor from female cricket teams of Pakistan.

The T20I team of the decade is entirely from IPL and contains 4 cricketers from India. There is not a single player in the team of the decade who doesn’t play for IPL. Even after being the top-ranked T20I team for 2 and a half years, not even a single player from the Pakistani team could be selected for ICC Awards of the decade. That’s surely an irony!

Talking about the other formats, letโ€™s have a glance at Test and ODI ICC teams of the decade as well.

Looking at the above tweets from ICC, the prejudice from Pakistani cricketers can be legitimized by ICC which is unacceptable in any way. Having Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma best in all three, additionally Dhoni best for two of the formats is arguable. Babar Azam who ranks within top five in all formats is inequitably considered suitable not in the teams of the decade of any of the formats.

Pakistani cricket followers are astonished and furious over this kind of prejudice from ICC and they are recording their protests over social media. An ambiance of disgust and revolt can be seen on Twitter since the release of these so-called “teams of the decade” awards. Let’s see how fans and followers reacted to this joke from the International cricket council. Even former Pakistani cricketer, Rashid Latif couldn’t keep silent over this ICC team of the decade awards.

This last tweet clearly justifies the inclusion of Babar Azam according to his statistics and figures, but the selection criteria of ICC Team of the decade awards is beyond understanding.

The above Twitter posts are just a glimpse. Since the release of ICC team of the decade awards, Pakistani Twitter is trending on top with No Pakistani, Babar Azam, and Rashid Khan. The latter one is because the young spinner debuted in 2016, latest among all selected players, but he is a regular player of the Indian Premier League, which validates the selection criteria of ICC teams of the decade awards. But Babar Azam not making place is indescribable.

Not only in the Male category of ICC awards of the team of the decade but even in the female category no selection of any female cricketer from Pakistan is also controversial. Even though Pakistan women’s cricket team captain Bisma Maroof made the record of the first woman cricketer to complete 1000 runs. This is the next level of keeping grudges from Pakistan cricket.

Not only Babar Azam, but Umar Gull and Saeed Ajmal also carry outstanding stats in terms of bowling but they too are not selected. Misbah ul Haq and Yasir Shah have been nominated for ICC Spirit of the cricket Awards and test cricketer of the decade respectively which is to be announced on 28th of December. It won’t be astonishing anymore if both of these Pakistani players are not being awarded as today Pakistanis have come to know the selection criteria and grudges on behalf of ICC from Pakistani cricket.

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