Shane Warne bursts out at players choosing money over country

One of the most skillful leg-spinner to ever come across, Shane Warne had some pretty harsh words to say about players choosing money over country.


“If players want to make money, let them. But if you want to play cricket for your country and (still) you choose to play the IPL over your country, then maybe it’s not worth picking those guys,” he stated.

“Otherwise, this is going to happen, people are going to rest and miss Test matches and miss representing your country to go and play for money,”
“It’s pretty hard, you know if, someone says here’s three million bucks and play for a short term or go over somewhere and play for six weeks being away from your family, it’s a very easy decision to take that money. But if you value yourself as a cricketer and want to test yourself against the best, there’s only one spot to do it and that’s international cricket, especially Test cricket,”.

In the recent past, players have left their countries during an ongoing series to play in the IPL and the South African Players are the prime examples of it who left the Pak-South Africa series to play in IPL

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