Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja’s selection as PCB chairman.

Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja:

Former all-rounder Shahid Afridi has spoken out over ex-captain Ramiz Raja’s nomination as head of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

In an interview with the media in Karachi, Afridi advised Raja to stick with the present system rather than making drastic changes.

Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja:
Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja:

“He [Ramiz Raja] would be the first PCB chairman to whom I have sent a text message of congratulations. I sincerely hope he would lead Pakistan cricket forward. I just advised him not to alter the present PCB system.

Because I think that any system takes time to produce benefits, altering it instantly may bring problems,” said Afridi.

“The PCB Chairman should be a capable individual, as Ramiz Raja is, but the major decision for him will be to hire individuals with genuine objectives for the country and the PCB, as well as high-quality experts. Only such people are capable of running an institution like PCB, where talented people are chosen on merit. With such individuals in place, the PCB will soar to new heights,” he adds.

He also urged Raja to avoid making judgments based only on personal preferences.

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“When you come to such a position [as Chairman], you make judgments for the sake of the business, not for personal likes or dislikes; some of these actions will be accepted, while others will not be,” he explained.

He also supported the choice of all-rounders Mohammad Hafeez and Shoaib Malik in this year’s T20 World Cup squad.

“We attempted a lot of things in terms of team selection, where we tested out and provided chances to young players that we had high expectations for, but they didn’t perform. “This is Shoaib Malik’s last ICC World Cup, so let’s give him an opportunity,” he remarked.

Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja:
Shahid Afridi responds to Ramiz Raja:

“Both Hafeez and Malik have served this nation well in the past, and it’s not as if we don’t need them now, as I believe Pakistan does. So we’ll see what decision is made concerning them for the forthcoming T20 World Cup,” he said.

Mr. Justice (retd) Sheikh Azmat Saeed, Election Commissioner of the Pakistan Cricket Board, has convened a special meeting of the Board of Governors on Monday, 13 September, at 1100 in Lahore to elect the 36th PCB Chairman.

Earlier on Friday, PCB Patron Prime Minister Imran Khan nominated Asad Ali Khan and Ramiz Raja to the BoG for a three-year term, exercising his powers under PCB Constitution article 12(1).

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