Shahid Afridi Receives Criticism over Congratulating Shehbaz Sharif

Shahid Afridi Receives Criticism over Congratulating Shehbaz Sharif:

Former Pakistani Captain, Shahid Khan Afridi is trending on Social Media and its not for a good reason. The political instability in Pakistan is the talk of the town. On Monday, Shehbaz Sharif was elected as the new Prime Minister of Pakistan replacing Imran Khan. On this occasion, Afridi congratulated Shehbaz Sharif on twitter for his election as Prime Minister and urged him to work for the betterment of the country.

This tweet wasn’t received well by the supporters of Imran Khan and his party, PTI. Afridi received incredible backlash as Shehbaz has multiple corruption cases on him and the fans expected better from the veteran superstar.

However the things didn’t stop here, Afridi couldn’t stay quiet after all the backlash and criticism and made another tweet. In response, Afridi advised them (PTI and Imran Khan’s Supporters) to accept the departure with dignity, regardless of their emotions. The fans in response mocked Afridi regarding departure as Shahid Afridi himself retired many times and then took back his retirement. The fans bashed him and termed it an ‘Irony‘ that Afridi is lecturing on taking exit on time and with dignity.

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