PCB validates the covid-19 test results for PSL 6.

PCB validates the covid-19 test results:

So far, two Covid-19 tests have been performed on cricketers and officials who have already arrived in Abu Dhabi for the final matches of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) VI.

According to a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official, the first test was conducted shortly after they arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport on Thursday, and the second test was conducted on Friday morning.

PCB validates the covid-19 test results
PCB validates the covid-19 test results

“We’ve been told that only players and officials who test positive will be notified of the test results. “At this time, all tests are negative because there has been no indication,” the official said.

He went on to say that all of the members who boarded the PIA flight on Thursday were quarantined in their respective rooms at two different locations.

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“We are well taken care of and were greeted warmly upon our arrival here,” he said.

Meanwhile, the official awaited everyone else’s arrival from Lahore, Karachi, South Africa, and India.

PCB validates the covid-19 test results
PCB validates the covid-19 test results

“After the arrival of the remaining players, we will be able to determine when the PSL matches will be approved. The PCB will not release the much-anticipated schedule until all of the players arrive,” he said.

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