Pay 100 Million PKR | PTV Issues Shocking Notice to Shoaib Akhtar

Pay 100 Million PKR | PTV Issues Shocking Notice to Shoaib Akhtar:

Shoaib Akhtar’s controversy with PTV is far from over. The Rawalpindi Express was on PTV’s show, ‘Game On Hai’ where he was disrespected in front of Cricketing Legends from across the globe. After being insulted, Shoaib resigned on the spot from the show. Dr. Nauman Niaz, the host of that show apologised to Shoaib Akhtar over his abrupt behaviour. Shoaib Akhtar with a big heart, accepted the apology as well.

However the story is far from over now.PTV has threatened to sue Shoaib Akhtar for violating their contract. The contract states, “As per clause 22, both sides shall have right to terminate his agreement by serving three months’ written notice or payment in lieu thereof. Whereas, Shoaib Akhtar resigned on air on October 26 which has resulted into huge financial losses to PTV,”

“You [Akhtar] also left for Dubai during T20 World Cup transmission without any prior information to PTVC management. Besides, appearance on an Indian TV show along with Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh, also caused irreparable losses to PTV.” The notice read.

The notice issued by PTV also said that Shoaib was due to make 36 appearances on ‘Game On Hai’, however Shoaib just appeared on two occasions. As of now PTV has asked Shoaib Akhtar to pay 100 Million PKR to recover the financial losses caused by Akhtar. Shoaib Akhtar also reacted to this notice saying he was ‘Utterly Disappointed’ and that his lawyer will look into this matter.

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