Pakistan Will Speak in Front of ICC warns Ramiz Raja

Pakistan Will Speak in Front of ICC warns Ramiz Raja:

Moments before the beginning of the first ODI between New Zealand and Pakistan, New Zealand refused to continue the tour. The reason given by the New Zealand Cricket Board was as absurd as it could be. They claimed that they have received a security alert and it is risky for them to continue the tour. After the cancellation of the tour, PCB’s chairman, Ramiz Raja said that Pakistan will speak in front of the ICC. Following is what Ramiz Raja tweeted:

Not only did Ramiz stated that they will speak in front of ICC, he also questioned that which world is New Zealand living in?. Cancelling the tour just on the basis of an unverified threat has indeed raised many questions and the PCB chairman is also furious like the fans.

The Pakistani Captain, Babar Azam also took to twitter and expressed his disappointment on the cancellation of the tour. Below is what Babar Stated:

The Pakistani skipper was not only disappointed, but also backed the country’s security forces. The series cancellation has indeed raised many questions on the decision of New Zealand Cricket Board, and this tour might be over right now, but a proper answer and response is still awaited from New Zealand.

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