Naseem Shah got the new name “Lillie Shah”

After the brilliant bowling in the first test match against England at OLD TRAFFORD with his brilliant Line and Length and speed with his beautiful bowling action, Pakistani players started calling Young Naseem Shah as the “Lillee Shah” they are calling Naseem shah Lillee because his Action is very similar to Former Australian Fast Bowler world great Dennis Lillie even in the world every one started comparing Naseem Shah with The Legend Dennis Lillie.

Naseem Shah the Next Dennis Lillie

Naseem Shah the next Dennis Lillie
Naseem Shah the next Dennis Lillie

Naseem Shah took two wickets in both innings against England. Still, his line and length were superb he bowled some amazing spells in this test match and took vital wickets for Pakistan. However, after the Fighting efforts and Pakistan had Upper hand in this test match, Pakistan loosed there confident in the second innings both with the bat and ball England performed extraordinarily in the last 2 days of this Test Match.

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