Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfaraz Ahmed clash on twitter as Mohmmad Amir joins in

Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfaraz Ahmed clash
Mohammad Hafeez and Sarfaraz Ahmed clash

Yesterday, Mohammad Hafeez tweeted, congratulating wicket-keeper batsman Mohammad Rizwan on his century and also took a dig at former captain Sarfaraz Ahmed by saying, no wonder for how long does he have to prove that he’s the number 1

This wasn’t received very well by Sarfaraz and he replied by saying that every wicket keeper that has played for Pakistan has been number 1 and there was no need to highlight number 1.

This should be noted that Hafeez never pointed out Sarfaraz Ahmed and it could be entirely possible that Hafeez didn’t had any intention of hurting the former captain, but the professor’s past doesn’t support this as he is a regular guest in news headlines due to controversies and arguments with team-mates. Mohammad Hafeez has also been pointed out as politician in the dressing room who pollutes the environment by team politics and grouping among the players.

Another player that Hafeez had differences in the past, Mohammad Amir decided to jump in the scene and told Sarfaraz that he is also a number 1 wicket-keeper and captain as it was because of him that the team won champions trophy and stayed at the number 1 spot in T20i for 2 years.

After these tweets, Mohammad Hafeez had this reaction:

We hope that this matters solves internally as this sets a negative image of Pakistan Cricket team and their players.

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