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Lanka Premier League 2020 Complete Schedule , Venues , Teams Squad


Lanka premier league is the biggest cricket carnival which is happening in Srilanka it is the biggest Domestic cricket event in Srilanka Starting from 21 November 2020 to 13 December 2020.This league LPL 2020 will played on two venues ( Hambantota and Kandy)


In the past 8 years ago Srilankan board started a new league which was Mahindra SLPL (Srilankan Premier league) which happened only for two years after that they shut down that league due to financial crisis.


Now Srilankan Board has done extremely great work. They have brought their premier league which their fans wanted for so long and even every cricket fan wanted this league from sri lanka.

because srilanka has produced world great players like (Ranatunga, Jayasuria , Sangakkara, Jayawardene , Vaas, Murlitharan) Fans want to see other domestic young guns from Srilanka and definitely the Young blood will be in thirst to showcase their talent in this league!

Lanka Premier League 2020 Schedule
Lanka Premier League 2020 Schedule


(LPL 2020) Lanka Premier League 2020 Starting Date and Ceremony :


Lanka Premier League 2020 will be starting from November 22 2020  to 14 december 2020 the opening ceremony will be held on 21 november in Colombo (MRICS Stadium)


(LPL 2020 )Lanka Premier League 2020 Teams :


  1. Jaffna Stallions
  2. Colombo Kings
  3. Galle Gladiators
  4. Dambulla Hawks
  5. Kandy Tuskers



LPL 2020 – Lanka Premier League 2020 Schedule and Venues


Date Match Team Team Venue TIme
21 November 1 Galle Colombo Hambantota(mrics) 7:30PM
22 November 2 Kandy Jaffna Hambantota(mrics) 3:00PM
22 November 3 Colombo Dambulla Hambantota(mrics) 7:30PM
23 November 4 colombo Galle Hambantota(mrics) 3:00PM
23 November 5 Jaffna Dambulla Hambantota(mrics) 7:30PM
25 November 6 Galle Dambulla Hambantota(mrics) 3:00PM
25 November 7 Colombo Kandy Hambantota(mrics) 7:30PM
26 November 8 Kandy Jaffna Hambantota(mrics) 3:00PM
26 November 9 Dambulla Colombo Hambantota(mrics) 7:30 PM
28 November 10 Jaffna Colombo Hambantota(mrics) 3:00PM
28 November 11 Kandy Galle Hambantota(mrics) 7:30 PM
2 December 12 Kandy Dambulla PICS (Kandy) 3:00PM
2 December 13 Jaffna Galle PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
3 December 14 Dambulla Galle PICS (Kandy) 3:00PM
3 December 15 Colombo Kandy PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
5 December 16 Jaffna Colombo PICS (Kandy) 3:00PM
5 December 17 Galle Kandy PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
6 December 18 Dambulla Jaffna PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
9 December 19 Dambulla Kandy PICS (Kandy) 3:00PM
9 December 20 Jaffna Galle PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
10 December 21 (Semi 1) Semi FInal 1 Semi Final 1 PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
11 December 22 ( Semi 2) Semi 2 Semi 2 PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM
13 December 23 FInal Final PICS (Kandy) 7:30 PM


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