‘Isolation’ of Indian broadcasters turned into a nightmare for PSL 6 fans.

‘Isolation’ of Indian broadcasters:

The ongoing Habib Bank Limited (HBL) Pakistan Super League (PSL) season six is likely to be postponed further due to Abu Dhabi’s department of health issues against Indian broadcasters tasked with covering the event.

The issue, according to sources, is the number of days spent in isolation by Indian broadcasters.

Furthermore, the schedule announcement is dependent on the clearance status of these Indian broadcasters.

According to sources, high-level officials are working hard to resolve the problem, but their efforts have so far been futile. The Indian broadcasters were also evicted from the Abu Dhabi hotel and relocated to Dubai.

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'Isolation' of Indian broadcasters:
‘Isolation’ of Indian broadcasters:

The Abu Dhabi Health Department informed the broadcasters that they would be unable to stay. Two days after their arrival, the individuals were sent to Dubai.

The broadcasters play an important role in the event. Without them, the entire event is jeopardized.

In addition, an important meeting between PCB officials and PSL franchises will take place today to address the issue.

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