Is India Already Out of The Semi Final Race in World T20 2021?

Is India Already Out of The Semi Final Race in World T20 2021?

India suffered yet another brutal defeat in the ICC World T20 2021 and it looks like there journey is over even before it started. Indian Cricket Team lost to Pakistan by 10 Wickets followed by a defeat against Kiwis by 8 wickets. All that preparation during the IPL has gone in vain as the Indian bowlers look clueless against every batting lineup. Currently Pakistan are at the top of Group B with 6 Points while Afghanistan is at 2nd spot with 4 points and New Zealand are at third sport with 4 points as well. Afghanistan are ahead on the basis on Net Run Rate.

Now the situation is this that India, Pakistan and New Zealand have got their remaining matches against relatively lesser competent sides. The likes of Namibia, Scotland and even Afghanistan don’t pose a serious threat to these teams. However the kind of form India is in, they might even lose to one of these 3 teams as well. As far as the Semi Final journey of India is concerned, it is likely that Pakistan and New Zealand are winning their rest of the matches. In that case, it will be all over for India. The only possibility for India is that Afghanistan somehow manages to upset India and then India win their rest of the matches with good margin. The likeliest scenario at this moment is that Pakistan and the Kiwis are winning their rest of the games and India is taking an early exit in the tournament.Indian Cricket Team have struggled in both departments so far in the tournament.

Despite of having a long gap between both of their matches, they failed to resolve their lineup issues and it seems like that Virat Kohli’s final T20 event as captain will end horribly. Indians fans had a lot of faith in their side but it has been a huge disappointment for them. India will now play Afghanistan on 3rd November and it is a must win game for them. If India lose, then their journey will already be over in the World T20 2021.

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