Imam-Ul-Haq | The Deserver or The Spoiled?

Whenever a player has made it to the Pakistan team whether by on his own or by some help, the questions of player’s credibility have always been there all the time, but for a player who makes it on behalf of someone’s help, the question of credibility remains attached to him for the rest of his career.

imam-ul-haq stats
imam-ul-haq stats



imam-ul-haq odi career
imam-ul-haq odi career

Imam-Ul-Haq is a 25 years old left handed frontline batsmen of Pakistan cricket team who made his ODI (One Day International) debut on 18th October 2017 against Sri Lanka.

Since Imam-Ul-Haq is the nephew of the former Pakistan captain Inzamam-Ul-Haq who was the chief selector at the time of Imam-Ul-Haq’s debut, lots of questions were raised upon the merit of his selection.

But Imam-Ul-Haq defied against all the odds and struck hundred on his very first game and showed the world that he is there because of his talent.

 If we take a look on his ODI career, he so far have played 37 matches for Pakistan with a staggering average of 53.80 with seven 50s and six 100s to his name securing 1723 runs in his court, moreover his career best innings was against England when Imam-Ul-Haq smashed 151 runs in English conditions against a very competitive English side in 2019.



imam-ul-haq test career
imam-ul-haq test career

Imam-ul-Haq made his test debut as well for Pakistan against Ireland in a test match on 11th of May 2018, just like his ODI debut Imam-ul-Haq also had a commendable beginning of his debut test when he struck a match winning 50 in the final innings. After that he have played 11 test matches for Pakistan, and in 21 innings of his test career he have smashed three 50s so far with an average of 25.50 and securing 485 runs in his test career court.


imam-ul-haq t20 career
imam-ul-haq t20 career

Talking about Imam-Ul-Haq’s T20 career, he has not got many chances in T20 cricket for Pakistan because of his unconditional technique which is not preferable in traditional T20 format.

But Imam-Ul-Haq did made his T20 debut against England on 5th of May 2019 registering only two T20 matches to his name and securing 21 runs in his court. 

Although Imam-Ul-Haq have not get many chances to prove his credibility in T20s at international level but he have shown himself a true competitor with his PSL (Pakistan Super League) career.



imam-ul-haq psl career
imam-ul-haq psl career

Imam-Ul-Haq was picked by Peshawar Zalmi in the fourth edition of the league in 2019, till date he have played two seasons with Peshawar Zalmi and have featured in 15 matches so far with an average of 27.40 with five 50s to his name and securing 411 runs in his PSL career. So with his PSL performance Imam-Ul-Haq really have shown his credibility in T20 cricket while carrying an unconditional technique.

Imam-Ul-Haq clearly has a competitive career in which most of the time he have performed just only to shut his haters mouth, but with so much limelight and attention over somebody’s career lead trollers to intervene in the personal life of players when they have nothing to criticize in that players professional life.



Last year in 2019 Imam-Ul-Haq got embroiled himself in an allegation of cheating and manipulating different women’s at the same time.

one of the women posted the screenshots as well of chats between her and Imam-Ul-Haq with multiple pictures attached to it.

 The women claimed that Imam-Ul-Haq was having an affair for the past year and he also promised her of getting married but at the same time he was just using her and other women’s for the sake of his disgusting pleasure. 

When the news of Imam-Ul-Haq’s scandal appeared, many social media trolls started a sort of war against Imam-Ul-Haq, many women rights preservative NGOs showed their interest in it and protest against Imam-Ul-Haq.

 To contradict this matter Imam-Ul-Haq was asked to remain silent by his family and by the officials of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

Initially the PCB refused to comment on the scandal, terming it a personal issue, But PCB CEO Mr. Wasim khan said that Imam-Ul-Haq was remorseful and has apologized to the incident. On the other hand Mr. Wasim Khan said that,

“Imam-Ul-Haq was remorseful and has apologized for what has happened and admitted his mistake”. Imam-Ul-Haq said that the matter went out of his hand due to misunderstanding.

“But we told him in clear terms that, although this was his personal and private matter, but we expect our players to adhere to the highest standards of ethics and discipline” the PCB CEO Mr. Wasim Khan.


Imam-Ul-Haq so far had a challenging career with everyone waiting for his collapse because of his cricketing back ground, but cricket is all about carrying the right attitude by showcasing confidence and aptitude at every stage of your career. 

Whether Imam-Ul-Haq deserves to be praised or not its people choice and their own opinions, but on grounds of Imam-Ul-Haq’s cricketing career stats he really have shown his credibility despite lots of people at the back to criticize him.

Now you decide on grounds of his total performance whether he is “The Deserver or The Spoiled”

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