Inzamam-Ul-Haq”I feel despondent when people Call Imam-ul-Haq a Parchi”

Inzamam-ul-Haq in his latest interview on Pakistan News channel Samaa tv in the talkshow with Shoaib Jutt senior journalist.

He said I feel despondent when someone Criticises me for Imam-ul-Haq selection. I select Imam-ul-Haq for his performance. After his selection, he proved himself he performed very well. He made centuries in different countries.


Imam-Ul-Haq a Parchi
Imam-Ul-Haq a Parchi

He is also second-fastest batsman who made 1000 runs in ODI and also he has made several records he made a century in his debut against Sri Lanka in 2017 At Abu Dhabi.

He made a century in the World cup 2019 at Lord’s. I don’t why people call him parchi. It makes me so sad when I listen to people calling him parchi parchi.

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I think he’s the highest run-scorer since his debut in this Pakistani batting lineup!

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