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ICC World T20 2022 Prize Money | T20 World Cup Prize

ICC World T20 2022 Prize Money | T20 World Cup Prize:

The ICC World T20 2022 is the talk of town. The World T20’s qualifying stage has already begun and we have seen some cracker of contests. A common question that arises in everyone’s mind is that what exactly is the prize money for this mega event. Well, the team winning the mega event not only gets the glittering trophy, but they receive a handsome amount of Prize Money that is taken home by the winning team. Not only winners, but the runners-up and semi-finalists also get a big amount of money.

1.6 Million Dollars will be given to the winning side of this World T20 2022. 0.8 Million Dollars will be awarded to the side that makes it to the final and ends as runners-up. Moreover, the semi-finalists won’t go home empty handed. The 2 losing semi-finalists teams will receive 400,000 US Dollars.

Apart from the top 4 sides, the teams which do not qualify for the semis and are eliminated in the Super 12 stage will receive 70,000 US Dollars each. Upon winning one game in the Super 12 stage, the teams will be given 40,000 US dollars as well. All these team prizes total up to a whopping amount of 5.6 Million Dollars.

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