Hasan Ali talks about his injury and slams critiques for blaming his marriage for this

Hasan Ali talks about his injury
Hasan Ali talks about his injury

In a recent interview, fast bowler Hasan Ali finally admitted that tremendous workload was the reason behind his injuries.
He said that I was playing in all 3 formats, in a couple of leagues, and working in training camp without any rest whatsoever.

He further added that he was continuously playing international cricket since his debut without any rest. He added that injuries were inevitable and after so much cricket something had to give up and unfortunately it was his back.
Fast bowler Hasan Ali also stated that people shouldn’t consider pacers a machine who never gets tired and that they are also humans who need rest.

Hasan Ali talks about his injury
Hasan Ali talks about his injury

Hasan Ali slammed his critics and said that blaming his marriage for the reason behind his injury and said that people are welcome to criticize me but don’t invade his privacy. He said that it hurts him when he puts his blood, sweat, and tears for this country and then people with no knowledge of the game blame his injury on his marriage or his celebration

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