Hafeez and Sarfaraz Twitter war!

Muhammad Hafeez who has recently been known for taking digs at his own team mates through his social Media platforms, first took a dig at Amir for retirement decision and now is behind Sarfaraz Ahmed. 

While Sarfaraz was classy enough to ignore Hafeez’s first dig at him this time as Hafeez took to Twitter as Rizwan scored his maiden test and T20 hundred in the same week. This is what Hafeez tweeted: 

      “Congratulations @iMRizwanPak on scoring T20 💯👏🏼👍🏼. U r a Star shining star     🌟 Wonder how long u need to prove that u r NO1 wicketkeeper/Batsman in pakistan in all formats of the game. Just asking 🙏🏽”.

Sarfaraz replies back!

Sarfaraz took to Twitter and this is what he wrote in response:

“Hafeez bhai Sb, whoever has played for Pakistan from Imtiaz Ahmed, Wasim Bari, Tasleem Arif to Saleem Yousuf and from Moin Khan, Rashid Latif to Kamran Akmal and even Rizwan right now has always been number ONE for the country and have been respected accordingly.”

He also praised Rizwan and said: 

“We are all behind Rizwan and wish that he plays many more amazing innings for our beloved country.”

He later added that if any future player gets a chance they’d also be no.1 

“Aur ayende bhee jisko bhee chance milega wo Pakistan ke liye number ONE hee huga. We expect nothing but positiveness coming from an international player who has played so many games for Pakistan.”

Amir joins the Twitter war!

Adding fuel to the fire Muhammad Amir also joined the Twitter war and extended his support to Sarfaraz Ahmed publicly by tweeting this! 

“babu u also  a number 1 wicketkeeper  batsman in Pakistan  or ap ki hi captain the jab team 2 saal team no 1 rhi in t20 or sab se bar kar champions  trophy so u are pride of Pakistan  big respect  or maze ki bat logon kam hai awein ka bolna so enjoy bro😇😇😇😇” 

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