Main Controversies About Shahid Afridi Book Game Changer!

Shahid Afridi the game changer The biography was written by established TV anchor and broadcaster, Wajahat S Khan.

In this book the career of Shahid Afridi and recount all the scandals and controversies in his career.


The book starts with a very beautiful quote:

To the women who have made us.To the men who have led us.To the enemies who have hardened us. To the friends who have trusted us.

And to the game changers who will follow us.Boom Boom: Shahid Afridi, also known in the media as Boom Boom, is Pakistani international cricketer and one of the best former captain.

He Stepped up from the usual, settled new benchmarks, raised the bar to a whole new level, changed the realm, created new World Records, lead from the front, and then he became LEGEND!!!

This is the tale of a 16 years old boy who not only set 2 World Records 23 years ago, he literally reinvented the Sport of Cricket and transcend the game into a more agile and fast-paced sport.The game-changer:

In 2019 shahid Afridi published his book “the game changer” which was pondering as a great controversy between boom boom and his fans and others. Of talk about the controversies,the biggest one was about his age. Shahid Afridi revealed in his book that he was born in 1975 and not 1980 as the official records.

The disclosure in his autobiography means that Afridi was not 16 when he shattered a record-breaking 37-ball hundred against Sri Lanka in Nairobi in 1996fixing allegations

Secondly, there were several allegations against some of the legendary cricketers. About fixing controversy that surfaced back in 2010, Afridi revealed that he was already known it.He said that Mazhar Majeed had given his phone to a shop for repairing and the shopkeeper turned out to be his friend of a friend.

The shop keeper had shown the messages of Mazhar Majeed for Pakistani cricketers. He said that he showed the proof to the team management but they did not take any action, adding that he also shared the messages with Waqar Younis.

The organization was also afraid of the country’s image. Yawar Saeed expressed his helplessness over the messages and did not even ask me for their copy, he wrote in his book. He said that Abdul Razzaq had also expressed his doubts over Salman Butt, Mohammad Amir, and Mohammad Asif.

Javed Miandad controversy

game changer book
game changer book

Meanwhile, legendary cricketer Javed Miandad responding to the allegations leveled by Shahid Afridi in his autobiography, said that controversial issues are always part of such books for popularity and bulk sale.

Miandad said that masala is always added to the books. Shahid Afridi has told his side of the story.“I leave all this declaration to Allah”

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Shoaib Malik controversy:

game changer book
game changer book

There is a controversy that Shoaib malik was not fit for captaincy as he took guidance from the wrong people for wrong things.Of course, stats don’t lie and it’s hard not to support an argument which is based on numbers. And questions, ‘pathetic’ or not, must be asked.

But tables and numbers must be assessed objectively.Shoaib Malik’s record is largely skewed considering 7 out of his 12 wins were in matches against Bangladesh (3), Zimbabwe (1), Scotland (1), Canada (1), and Kenya

Waqar Younus controversy:

game changer book
game changer book

Shahid Afridi said Waqar Younus was not a good captain and coach He did not stand to build unity in a timepolitical controversy

.According to Afridi politics is not for PATHANS Imran khan is a quiet leader but some people in his team uses his name for their own benefit and Nawaz sharif knows how to deliver.

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There were so many controversies in his book and also so many fun things about his life which were quite personal and enjoyable.

He wrote some of his friendships with the girl when he was a teenager and friendship with other cricketers Wasim Akram is one of his very great companions.

As this book is written by a journalist so it’s not in the flow he has gathered different parts and wrote them together but still, it is worthy.

Afridi said Kashmir na Hindustan ka hai na hi Pakistan ka balky Kashmir, Kashmir ka hai. This behavior is much needed. Here I am ending this blog and I will give this book 7/10. If you are a fan of Shahid Afridi than its a must-read for you

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