Greg Barclay hopes for a better Clash between Pakistan-India

Greg Barclay is the second independent chairman of the International Cricket Council (ICC) who has hoped for the return of the Indo-Pak fixture.
He was the new chairman appointed for ICC last week Wednesday. Previously, he has been the director of New Zealand for 8 years and also represented the country as an ICC board member.

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Clash between Pakistan-India:

Clash between Pakistan-India
Clash between Pakistan-India

The ICC chairman said that he would love to see both countries amend their cricketing ties. “I would love nothing more than for India and Pakistan to be able to continue cricketing relations as they were previously,” he said.
However, realizing the complexities of the situation, Barclay acknowledged that it might not be that easy. “I am also enough of a realist to understand that there are geopolitical issues at play here,” he said.

“I think all we can do at the ICC is to continue to help and support in any way that we can to bring about outcomes that would see India and Pakistan in a position where they can play cricket regularly against each other and in their home territories,” New Zealand born added.

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Talking about the limitations the governing body faces in handling matters regarding bilateral series, Barclay said, “Beyond that, I do not think I have the mandate or ability to influence the outcomes more than that. That is really being done at a level way beyond where we would be operating.”

Even though, he said that ICC will provide whatever it can facilitate for favorable results.

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