Five Eyes Warned New Zealand Team of the Attack | Wasim Khan

Five Eyes Warned New Zealand Team of the Attack | Wasim Khan:

The CEO of Pakistan Cricket Board, Mr. Wasim Khan has unfolded some more facts after the controversial cancellation of New Zealand’s tour of Pakistan. The decision of New Zealand to back out from the tour angered the Pakistani citizens and even the Cricket Board officials.

Speaking to media, CEO of PCB Wasim Khan revealed that New Zealand were warned by Five Eyes of an attack on their Team. Five Eyes is an intelligence alliance between five English speaking countries. These countries include: England, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and the US. Below is what Wasim Khan stated:

“I received a call at 3:00AM in the morning on Friday. The call was from Reg Dickason the security expert. He told me that Five Eyes has warned New Zealand of an attack on New Zealand Cricket Team. Even upon asking, neither us nor our security forces were told about what kind of a threat it was. We contacted our security forced and they assured that their is no threat to the visitors”

Furthermore, Wasim Khan ensured that Pakistan will continue to play their home series in Pakistan. He also stressed on the fact that New Zealand have set up a bad example by deciding to cancel Pakistan tour on their own. Wasim also said that they have worked really hard for the return of International Cricket to Pakistan. The CEO of PCB said that New Zealand have ‘Dented’ all our hard work to bring back international cricket in Pakistan.

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The PCB CEO was indeed disappointed over the cancellation of the tour, but he remained confident on his security agencies and he was positive over the fact that Pakistan will continue to play cricket at home. A decision on whether England will tour Pakistan or not is expected soon.

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