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Fawad Alam couldn’t fruit his long awaited come back

Fawad Alam, who made a comeback on the 13th of August in the second test against England, couldn’t sufficiently fruit his rearrival. Long-awaited fortune seeker made his test debut again after almost 11 years but faced only 87 deliveries and scored 21 runs over all in two tests and three innings.

Fawad Alam’s weak Resurgence after 11 years in Pakistan vs England test series

Fawad Alam was known for a victim of injustice who is consistently playing in first-class cricket but wasn’t being able to acquire a chance to play international cricket. Since last year against Sri Lanka, he was being selected in the squad but never got the opportunity to play a single ball.

His wait finally ended this summer with his re-debut against England in the second test. The expectations were high such as public was in hope for a century from his side. But hard luck, he got LBW on duck after facing 4 balls by Chris Woakes. Second test although got drawn due to rain with one innings for each side.

He appeared again to contribute in the third test which eventually became very crucial after tremendous first innings by Zak Crawley and Jos Buttler. England declared the target to 583 in the first innings. 

In the following innings by Pakistan, there was no significant show been displayed by openers. But skipper Azhar Ali then gained partnership with Fawad Alam. Alam seemed quite dither in running between the wickets, unable to detect the swing of the ball and wavered to recognize the hit to take a run.

He managed to glean 21 runs on 74 balls and then got out on the delivery of Dom Bess. In the follow on innings Fawad continued the same approach. But the game was winded up with a draw due to rain resistance and he faced 9 deliveries without getting a run.

Fawad Alam’s unique stance

Fawad Alam’s stance while batting has also been a matter of discussion since first innings. His stance is unique to face the upcoming ball which seems funny too. He had been trolled on social media because of this posture and discussed in commentary box too.

Fawad Alam resurgence to international test cricket

In the virtual press conference, he defended his stance and ratiocinated, “People keep talking but I take those comments positively. I scored in first-class, played international cricket in my earlier career, and came at this level acquiring this stance. It is unique but the same will take me beyond.”

Retainment of Fawad Alam in upcoming matches

There is a big question on his retainment for upcoming test series. However many people think that he came back to play on the international ground after 11 years which is reasonable to set on a different pitch and ultimately causing him hesitation. It would have been better if he had played the first few international matches on the home ground. Therefore We shouldn’t criticize him and give him some more time. After all he got chance after so many knocks and played under pressure on a novice ground.

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