Eager to get back to playing cricket – Babar Azam

In a video press release by @therealPCB Babar Azam the all format captain of Pakistan talked about how the Covid protocols are different in New Zealand than England. He spoke about the team plans during isolations and how they’re managing their momentum while not practicing. 

Covid protocols in New Zealand

While shedding light on the NZ Covid protocols Babar said: “here the situation is completely different from England tour. The protocols are competently different.” 

Managing a massive squad

Babar spoke about the management of a massive squad travelling to NZ in such protocols and tough situation. He said: “ Our squad is not a small one and has around 50 members. Handling them is also a major task and the seniors, in each group, are playing a key role in this regard.”

“But the plus point is that we are gelled as a team together.” 

Practice being stopped

With the Covid tests coming back positive of 5-7 players Pakistan practice sessions have been stopped and the players have been isolated. Babar spoke on the matter and said: “ we are missing practice but as soon as that starts everything else will subside as our focus will be on cricket. Everyone in the squad is eager to get back to playing cricket.” 

Tackling issues

Considering these tough conditions and other scandals and allegations that come along the way in the life of cricketers; Babar said: “Playing for Pakistan is an honour and we are not worried about the problems that come along the way as these are part and parcel of everyone’s life. As a professional we should know how to tackle these issues.” 

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