Don’t Play If You Aren’t Fit: Javed Miandad Advises Shaheen

Don’t Play If You Aren’t Fit: Javed Miandad Advises Shaheen:

The Pakistan vs India clash happened for the 3rd time this year in the shortest format of the game with India winning on the final ball of the innings. The match had plenty of drama, thrill and action, however one particular incident caught the attention of everyone and that was the no ball of Mohammad Nawaz to Virat Kohli.

Former Pakistani Batsman, Javed Miandad spoke about the match and said that he’s upset over the defeat. However, Javed advised the Pakistan team to learn from their mistakes and try to win all of their remaining group matches. He also gave credit to the Indian side saying that the team that played better today, ended up winning.

This game also saw the return of Shaheen Shah Afridi to International cricket after months of being out of action due to an injury. Shaheen struggled with his pace and many people raised questions on whether he is completely fit. Speaking on Shaheen, Javed Miandad said that he is an impact player and in big matches, you’ve to take a chance even if such a player is not completely fit. “We can’t judge in this format. It is a short format and hence I can’t say much about whether he was fully fit or not”, Javed added. However Miandad further said that if a player is not hundred percent, he is doing injustice with the team, hence, if Shaheen is not fully fit, he should clearly tell the management.

Javed Miandad termed the no ball of Mohammad Nawaz as the turning point of this game. However he didn’t make any remarks on whether it was a rightly called no ball or not.

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