Dale Steyn: “PSL is more rewarding than IPL”

In a recent interview with a Pakistani journalist Steyn emphasised on different leagues around the world and spoke a  statement that requires guts! 

The South Africa paces who is playing for Quetta Gladiatos presently in the PSL 6 and has played for Islamabad United in PSL 5, said that the IPL brings in a lot of the financial aspect and value where as in PSL and LPL cricket is valued/ important. 

Steyn added to his statement and said:

“I wanted to take a bit more time off. I found that playing in those other leagues was slightly more rewarding as a player. I think when you go to the IPL there are such big squads and so many big names and so much emphasis on the amount of money that the players earn that somewhere along the line the cricket kind of gets forgotten. When you come to the PSL or the LPL, there’s an importance on the cricket.

“I’ve only been here a couple of days and I’ve had people coming to my room asking where I played and how I went about it. In the IPL, that kind of gets forgotten and the main topic is how much money you went for this IPL. And that’s just me being brutally honest. I just wanted to stay away from that this year and put more emphasis on bringing good vibes to teams and tournaments I feel are worth it.”

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