Best Carrom Ball Spinners | Who invented Carrom ball in Cricket

As far as we all are aware of this cricket arena. We all know the spin department is one of the crucial departments. And many new youngsters’s looking forward to becoming a spin bowler.

However, it might be difficult for young cricketers to get into it because nowadays bowlers have such difficult times because of rules and regulations like power play restrictions.

By looking at all this scenario, it is now necessary to have some creative skills in spin bowling that can make batsmen struggle to play.

So further now we are going to introduce some great bowlers in today’s world who have proven their capabilities, time to time.

Carrom ball delivery is one of the problematic balls to play in cricket, and this is the magical delivery which is almost used by every off-spinner.

Now we’re going to tell you who discovered this carrom spinning delivery, who invented carrom ball in cricket and which are the best Carrom ball spinners in cricket!

Carrom Ball in Cricket

Ajantha Mendis

Ajanta Mendis carrom ball in cricket
ajantha mendis carrom ball in cricket

This Srilankan bowler brought an unplayable delivery in cricket. He almost made it a nightmare for batsmen to play; every individual was facing difficulties to read this ball. Ajantha Mendis introduced Carrom Ball in Cricket

Ajantha Mendis created history by knocking out some big names of the cricket world in his starting matches. In the final of Asia cup, he had outclassed Indian troops and brought an Asia cup trophy in Srilankan pocket.

By following his footprints, many other off-spinners started bowling this magical delivery from the ball.Bowlers who got exceptional results because of this delivery.


Ravichandran Ashwin

Ravichandran Ashwin carrom ball in cricket
R ashwin carrom ball in cricket

The Indian spinner Ravindra Ashwin who has been an exceptional bowler and he had brought many wins for Indian team from his great effective bowling techniques.

He had got a beautiful bowling action and control over bowling too. Nowadays he has been out of the team, but nevertheless, he’s going to come back very soon in the team.

R Ashwin is one of the toughest spinner to face in test cricket he made saveral records in test cricket and his Carrom ball in cricket is also toughest to play!

Sunil Narine

Sunil Narine carrom ball in cricket
Sunil-Narine carrom ball in cricket

This west indies beauty spinner has got fame in no time because of his remarkable performances over the time for his team and in domestic seasons too.

He has been Turning to an all-rounder and started innings in domestic cricket and in league cricket too. In Indian premier league,

Sunil Narine plays for Kolkata knight riders, and his performance has been getting better day by day. This bowler had taken carrom ball to another level by spinning both sides of the pitch. Many questions arose for his action, but he’d got a clearance too.



This article is all about to acknowledge you about the cricket information and provide some interesting facts and figures that can be beneficial for the cricket lovers who love to be tuned with cricket.We tried our best to provide you best information about Carrom ball in Cricket who invented and which are the best spinners of Carrom ball in Cricket


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