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Ben Stokes or Jason Holder, who is more destructive in Test Cricket?

In the world of cricket, stardom belongs to those who performs best in their fields. But there has always been a competition to be the best of the best.

Ben Stokes or Jason Holder, who is more reliable and more destructive? Both names are well renowned and do not require any introduction. Both are top ranked all rounders with Ben Stokes following Holder in ICC test rankings chart.

Ben Stokes or Jason Holder
Ben Stokes or Jason Holder, Who is more destructive?

English cricketer Ben Stokes and Barbadian West Indian skipper Jason Holder are currently leading their teams from the front in ongoing test series manifesting their exceptional capabilities.

Although in the first match of the ongoing series, Englishmen seemed little bit frail in front of West Indies storm and particularly the skipper of the team, who in the very first innings, spelled the best figure of his career by naming 6 wicket haul in 20 overs granting 42 runs only which played a significant role in the victory of West Indies in first test of the 3 match series. This was his second six-fer in test cricket surpassing his best, 6 wickets on 59 balls against Bangladesh back in 2018.

Ben Stokes on the other hand had also had the six wicket haul against the same opposition in the past, allowing 22 runs in 14.3 overs scalping 6 wickets at Lord’s back in 2017.

Having same bowling and dissimilar batting style , Stokesy dominates while batting on the crease with his left hand and Holder makes his name mostly for taking wickets.

Dominating Action: Bowling or Batting

Talking about the action, both are great in their own way in batting as well as bowling. However left handed batter Stokesy apparently have had an upper hand in batting more than bowling. His exceptional performance in third match of Ashes 2019 and in world cup 2019  final, when he at crucial stage led his team to the victory, will be remembered till ages.

Ben Stokes or Jason Holder
Ben Stokes or Jason Holder

J.Holder, was known for his bowling skills as right arm pacer in his earlier career. Nevertheless he also bears an innings of 202 not out against England in 2019.


Test Statisitics: Ben Stokes or Jason Holder

Comparing the statistics of both cricketers in Test Format.


Jason Holder has a career of six years in test cricket as an all rounder. In that period he has submitted three 100s and eight 50s in 69 innings with a total count of 1898 runs and strike rate of 59.72. 

Ben Stokes has a career of six and a half year in test cricket as an all rounder. he knocked nine centuries, twenty one 50s and the fastest double century with 258 runs against South Africa sums up a total of 4056 runs in 115 innings and strike rate of 58.74.

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Holder is holding a number of records to his name. 112 wickets in 41 matches with a terrific economy of 2.56 and entitling 2 six-fers, 5 fifers, 3 four wicket hauls and one 10 wicket haul in single match.

Ben Stokes or Jason Holder
Ben Stokes or Jason Holder

Stokesy is not far-off from this. He is acquiring 147 wickets in 63 matches with gripping economy of 3.31 along with labeling 1 six wickets, 4 five-wickets, 5 four wicket hauls to his name in single match.


Succinctly, there is none superior than other. We can not underestimate any one of them by standing one above the other. Both Barbadian and English power hitters are extraordinarily unique in their own way and have always been playing a major role in seizing the victory for their team. Destruction is always their motive and they put their heart and soul till the end for winning the game and every time bring joyful moments to the audience .

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