Babar Azam wins most value able cricketer award for 2020

Pakistan sports awards

Pakistan sports award is an amazing plat form introduced to acknowledge the efforts and achievements of the Pakistani sports men and women. 

Pakistan is a country who admires cricket to an extremist level, but the cricketer themselves think that there are other sports persons than cricket and their achievements should be recognised. 

Babar wins the MVC award

Babar Azam without a doubt is Pakistan’s Most Valuable Player of the year. He’a become the most important part of the Pakistan team as his skills are so stunning and he anchors the Pakistan batting line up like no other. After Babar’s thumb injury people were worried about how the Pakistan batting line up is going to manage things without their most valuable asset.

Because of Babar’s responsible game and his success in international cricket has earned him this award.

White ball cricketer of the year

Babar did not only win one award he is also named the

White ball cricketer of the year. He scored 221 ODI runs at an average of 110.5 and scored 267 T20I runs at an average of 55.2.

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