“Babar Azam shouldn’t play cricket” – Hamid Mir

Fake allegations on Babar

The all format captain of Pakistan was accused by fake allegations by a Lahore woman named Hamiza Mukhtar that Babar harassed her for 10 years and financially abused her. 

She claimed that she had been affording all of Babar’s expenses that Babar needed for his cricketing activities. She later proves herself wrong when she says Babar had been keeping me in different rented houses for couple of years when he ran with me from my home for court marriage. 

Babar stays silent

Babar Azam hasn’t spoke on this matter yet and his family stays silent aswell but Babar’s massive fan army has been defending him and proving the woman wrong over and over again. Babar is set to play his fist Test as Captain in NewZealand.

Hamid Mir:

Although Hamid Mir, a media anchor person says:

“Babar Azam shouldn’t be allowed to play for Pakistan until he proves himself innocent, he should prevail himself in court and face the trial. PCB must seek captaincy from from him.” 

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