NZC warns to deport after 6 unknown Pakistani players test positive in COVID-19

After being tested before given clearance to train for the upcoming series against New Zealand, it has been revealed that 6 Pakistani players have indeed tested positive for corona virus.

Pakistani players test positive

Pakistani players test positive
Pakistani players test positive

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The New Zealand cricket board have bluntly issued a final warning to the PCB to make the set of players to follow all the required guidelines.
The players of the names have not been revealed but rumors spreading that 2 of the players positive are Babar Azam and Mohammad Rizwan. Of course, these are rumors and should be treated as rumors.
The names of the players may or may not be revealed due to obvious reasons.
New Zealand currently have 2 thousand active COVID patients and any compromise to that will result in Pakistan team being sent home
We hope for the safety of both the teams and their staff and pray that no one gets this deadly virus.

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