Six cricketers, including Hafeez, Malik and Wahab, turned down the PCB contract

6 cricketers including Hamad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, and Wahab Riaz turned down the proposed contract of PCB. 6 cricketers including Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik, and Wahab Riaz rejected the proposed contract of PCB, and only one Sign the contract of the month under which they will participate in the T20 tournament and will be bound by the policies of the PCB till October 20 only.

6 Cricketers Turned down the PCB contract

6 Cricketers Turned down the PCB contract
6 Cricketers Turned down the PCB contract

According to Rai, senior cricketers are unhappy with the board’s proposed contract policy, so they refused to accept the draft contract before board officials. The national cricketers were of the view that they would not accept the board’s contract unless our terms. Will not be drafted, we will not sign it.

If the board does not approve of it, then we are ready to go home. Seeing the tough behavior of the cricketers, the draft was immediately amended, and shortly before the matches started, the cricketers signed it and handed it over to the board officials. Under the signed contract, the national players will currently participate in the scheduled T20 matches only in Multan and Rawalpindi, during which time they will be bound by the PCB’s media policy, anti-doping, and anti-corruption rules, while the match fee is daily. They will also take alms.

After October 20, he will have the freedom to decide his future and after the tournament, he will be free from the PCB’s media policy. They have also signed an agreement to play 2 events, showing their availability to play matches. Other senior cricketers will decide to sign ODI and four-day contracts based on the board’s attitude.


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