5 Reasons Cricket is the most unpredictable Sport

Top 5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport

There have been many debates about which sport is the most unpredictable some say its football some say its hockey but some people like me believe its the game of cricket and here are 5 reasons why:


Everyone makes mistakes even while bowling and fielding ,usually those mistakes lead to extras such as wides,no balls,byes etc.Wides and no balls particularly give the opposition runs without conceding the ball and makes the match interesting.

Now with the new rule in order every type of no ball awards a free hit which means the batsmen can’t get out unless they run themselves out.

Now for a second imagine your team needs 10 runs of 1 ball , you think the match is over and suddenly the bowler oversteps and you’re awarded a no ball and that ball is hit for a boundary.That takes back the match to 70/30 on your side with the remaining ball as a free hit and no one can predict that in cricket thats how quick the tables turn.

5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport
Usman Shinwari bowls a no-ball in the last over against Lahore Qalandars taking the match to a super over


For a instance lets think that your team is playing a test match ,the pitch looks flat the bowl is coming nicely on the bat you score runs,there is no turn on the pitch but as the days progress and you move towards day 4 and 5.

The pitch really starts to wear out and cracks begin to appear making it both difficult and dangerous for the batting team to bat and usually a team scoring 300 in the first innings manage to barely get 150 in the second innings and get bowled out sooner than usual.

Thats why test matches on day 4 and 5 are more interesting to watch because you never know what the pitch is going to offer and how the teams will fare making it completely unpredictable to state the outcome.

5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport
A green flat pitch perfect for batting


Its raining,the match hasn’t started you went to the ground expecting to play a full one day match but the dark clouds said otherwise.You dint know how many overs will get reduced, how will the Duckworth/Lewis method work if it rains again.

Your whole strategy going towards the game has completely been thrown out of the window,your planning has to start over again.Both teams will now not only have to work out other team’s strategy but play out in difficult conditions making it completely unpredictable for each other and exciting to watch for us.


5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport
A match abandoned due to rain

4:Length of the game :

Any expert would agree with me if I say no cricket match starts one sided whether its T20,ODI, or Tests the length of the game.

The overs and the wicket in hand makes the outcome unknown a team could be 100-0 in 10 overs and get bowled out for 150.

You never know how the match will play out sometimes when the top order struggles against the other team.

The late middle order can come in and bash some runs or the fast bowlers are unable to get wickets and suddenly a leg spinner comes through with a hat-trick.

Thats what makes us watch a cricket match from beginning till the end because a turning point can happen at any point in a match.

5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport
Yasir Shah scoring a century when other top order batsmen were failing

5:The Mighty Super-Over:

This one might seem a bit farfetched but a super over is the most interesting aspect of cricket especially in T20s or in final stages of a tournament.

Everyone remembers the World Cup 2020 Final between England and New Zealand and without a doubt that was the match of the decade or maybe even century.What made it more exciting was the super over,both teams were giving it all .

No one knew what was coming ,it was 50-50 all the way and the super over made it ever more nail biting then ever and England won by the closest and nearest of margins in that thriller of a match. A super over is basically a tie-breaker of which team is the better.Both teams bring out their best of players in attempt to win the clash and in the end the best team wins.


5 reasons cricket is the most unpredictable sport
Buttler running out Guptill on the last ball of the super over


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